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This is an RPS RPG journal. It's meant to be a PARODY. Absolutely no accuracy is intended through the depictions of these players. None of the accounts is the real celebrity being portrayed, nor is it meant to be.

As for game canon, in the words of NotNotDave, canon is whatever you said last.

If you would like to play someone, please let me know. For now, we are keeping the game restricted to male members of the BtVS and AtS shows.

The following players have been taken:

David Boreanaz
James Marsters
Tony Head
Nicholas Brendon
Kelly Schultz
Andy Hallet
Alexis Denisof
Seth Green
Vincent Kartheiser
J. August Richards
Tom Lenk
Joss Whedon
Christain Kane
Danny Strong
Armin Shimmerman
Adam Busch
Robin Sachs
Mark Lurtz
Nathan Fillon
Marc Blucas
Tim Minnear
(*this is not necessarily a complete list. Inquire before signing up if someone is available.)

Game Rules:

I'm going to get the few rules down, so I can get that part out of the way. At this point, whenever you're ready to go - go ahead. Find your moving buddy(s) and start your descent to hell.

1. This is RPS, and parody. If you have any problems with that, you shouldn't be playing, watching, or bugging us.

2. I am in charge. What I say goes. that said, I'm not actually going to be directing play. There is no plot. There are no defined interactions. Players decide for themselves who to talk to, who not to talk to, how often to play and so on. If you aren't getting satisfaction, find someone else in the game to play with.

3. There are no expectations of accuracy. Canon? Facts? Pffft!

4. If you have any questions, comments, or problems, let me know.

5. New rules will be added when needed.

6. Like this one. Only rpg members can post, and once we're ready to play only rpg members can leave comments.

7. If a thread is in progress, you must ask the other participants if you can join in.